Adding Files To Subversion

Working with symfony, especially when adding to the schema and generating the model, form, and filter classes, it becomes tedious to add each of the new files to your subversion repository. Here's a succinct line to add all un-versioned files to your repo:


svn add `svn st | grep ? | head | awk '{print $2}'`

The key is in the tick-marked section. It takes the output of svn st(atus) and pipes it to grep, selecting only the un-versioned files (denoted by the ?), pipes that to head which outputs the first 10 (by default) lines, and pipes that to awk which prints the second column containing the file path to be added. But what if you have more than 10 files to add? You can easily pass a -n NUM switch to the head command to increase the number of lines it reads in at a time. I'll leave it as an exercise to the reader to modify the script to allow a user to pass in what NUM should be. So when your "svn st" output is filled with un-versioned files, all of which you need, run this little guy and have it done speedily.