Happy (belated) Constitution Day

From an email received today:

24 Constitutional Questions Every American Should be Able to Answer Adapted from "A Quiz About the U.S. Constitution" By John F. McManus, writer and narrator of "Overview of America"

  1. Has the Constitution always guided the country?
  2. Does the Constitution allow the Supreme Court to make law?
  3. Does the Constitution allow the President to make law?
  4. Does the Constitution give the federal government any power in the field of education?
  5. Where in the Constitution is there authorization for foreign aid?
  6. What are the three branches of government named in the Constitution?
  7. Does the Constitution require a minimum age requirement for a Senator?
  8. What are the Constitutional requirements for a person to be President?
  9. Did the Constitution give the federal government power to create a bank?
  10. Can treaty law supersede the Constitution?
  11. Does the Constitution allow a President alone to take the nation to war?
  12. Are there any specific crimes mentioned in the Constitution?
  13. Are the Bill of Rights considered part of the original Constitution?
  14. According to the Constitution, how can a President and other national officials be removed from office?
  15. What authority does the Constitution give the Vice President?
  16. How many amendments to the Constitution are there?
  17. Does the Constitution say anything about illegal immigration?
  18. Does the Constitution tell us how new states are added to the union?
  19. How is an amendment to the Constitution added?
  20. Is the term of a President limited by the Constitution?
  21. Which part of Congress is designated by the Constitution as having the "power of the purse?"
  22. How does the Constitution explain expelling an elected member of the House or Senate?
  23. What does the Constitution say about financing a military arm?
  24. How many times is the word democracy mentioned in the Constitution?

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