Save the Tongass

Add your name to the list of those that want to save the Tongass (read more here). Call (202-205-1661), write, or email Abigail Kimbell of the US Forest Service and let her know your disapproval. The form email sent from the NRDC site is:

Chief Abigail Kimbell, U.S. Forest Service 1400 Independence Avenue, SW Washington, DC 20250-0003 Dear Forest Service Chief Kimbell , I strongly urge you to protect all remaining roadless areas in the Tongass National Forest and to direct Forest Service officials not to increase costly road-building or logging in this precious national treasure. Roadless areas comprise our last wild places and they should not be made vulnerable to logging, drilling or other development. As a nation, we must continue to safeguard the heart of our national forest legacy by protecting the ecological health, wildlife habitat, drinking water and recreational value of those few American forests still unspoiled by roads. It makes no sense to use taxpayer subsidies to destroy the Tongass, America's great rainforest and one of the crown jewels of the national forest system, and jeopardize all that it offers for local hunting, fishing, recreation, tourism and subsistence use. Time and again, citizens like me from around the country have called upon you and the administration to protect the Tongass. It's time to heed this overwhelming public sentiment by preserving, not destroying, the remaining wild stretches of this truly unique part of our natural heritage. Sincerely, YOU!!!