Eat local

It's no secret that to the best fresh fruit and veggies are the ones that travel the least to get to your kitchen. That's why it is so important to spend your time and money at your area farmer's markets. The benefits, short and long term, far outweigh the negatives. Sure, I can get corn 4/$1 at my local supermarket, but its pretty blah on its own and needs help. Conversely, locally grown corn purchased at the farmer's market near me is delicious without any help from seasonings. With that in mind, it is sometimes hard to know where these purveyors of fresh, local produce can be found. Fortunately there a plenty of websites that can get you started on your search. Two that I have found recently and like the cut of their gib include:

These only open the door to the possibilities near you. One thing to remember…it's perfectly okay to eat seasonal food in season and leave it when the item is out of season. Abstaining from out-of-season foods will liven up your menu by exposing you to a wider array of choices and who doesn't like variety? And sure, this all takes effort, but I think this is effort well spent. Enjoy your local markets!