A Day Of Sports

Christina suprised me Sunday with Rams tickets! The game was crazy and lots of fun, though the Rams were not able to hold onto the victory. On our way back from the game, we were phoned by Josh Sprague who informed us of the availability of 4 Cardinals tickets for Sunday's NLCS game 4. These seats were 8 rows back behind homeplate, with an all-you-can-eat buffet pre-game and all-you-can-eat ballpark food during the game - all for free. Throw in free parking across the street from the stadium and its hard to refuse. I certainly had quite the night eating; its estimated at over $50 worth of ballpark food went into my belly, plus the buffet beforehand. Cards lost, but there's no better way to watch them lose… What a fun day! 271653482_17f553b804_m.jpg271653481_eecebfa02b_m.jpg271653477_d256556365_m.jpg271653471_9fffcfbc13_m.jpg