Light Bulbs, Not As Bright As You Think

BBC has an interesting article today on the incandescent light bulb and its wastefulness. From the article:

It has been estimated that if every household in the US replaced just three of its incandescent light bulbs with energy-saving designs and used them for five hours per day, it would reduce emissions of carbon dioxide by 23 million tonnes, reduce electricity demand by the equivalent of 11 coal-fired power stations and save $1.8bn. Given that investing $450m could save $1.8bn, it is hard to understand why anyone would still choose incandescent bulbs.

It seems like the big drawback to going green is that it requires us to modify our way of life. Hopefully we will begin to see that there are easy ways, such as replacing our traditional light bulbs with energy-saving ones, to reduce our energy consumption without affecting our lifestyles. So go ahead, make the change. Your wallet and your world will thank you in the long run…