While highlights abound on the Portland tour, one in particular deserves mention. I've dined at some pretty sweet places and eaten some fairly exotic foods. While they've all been good and memorable, I found that a little Cuban place in Portland has taken the top spot in my dining history. What's amazing about Pambiche is the unassuming atmosphere surrounding the restaurant. Walking up to, I had no idea what I was about to experience. Sadly, I was only able to eat there once while in the city, so I can only speak to one dish, Ajiaco. Described as a "one pot meal that comes brimming with a variety of tropical roots and vegetables, corn dumplings, creole seasoned pork and beef", this tasty meal was unlike any other food I'd tasted. Very subtle flavors and aromas with each spoonful pleased my tastebuds and tummy. And while Cuban food is not traditionally spicy, Pambiche had a homemade spicy sauce which complimented the dish wonderfully. I am not a food critic so it's hard to do the experience justice. Next time Portland dining is available, head over to 2811 NE Glisan and taste it firsthand. I plan on doing just that!