This is the letter I sent our Representative concerning Social Security. I only write to get insincere, pandering, and uninspired form letters in the mail. I like mail.

Rep. Goodlatte, It is time to allow younger Americans to opt out of Social Security. I need that 12.4 percent of my income more than the Federal government. With the latest report from the Trustees Report, Social Security will be insolvent by 2016, perhaps sooner if economic conditions do not improve. In seven years, I will be in my mid-30's; hardly the age to begin drawing on it. I object to being forced into Social Security for many reasons: 1. I disagree with the income tax in general. My labor being traded for fiat currency is not income. Having to work four to six months just to pay taxes makes me a slave, or indentured servant at best, to the Federal Government, and I am pretty sure we have an amendment that specifically touches on that subject.

  1. The tax revenues have been used to cover the deficits in the rest

of the government's budgets, and the only way to make the system sustainable is to give the participants a negative rate of return on their money. If I contribute $100,000 over my career to Social Security, I lose in at least two ways. First, inflation steals the "value" of the fiat currency. We could discuss at length the lack of real value (gold- and silver-backed currencies), but for now, even the fiat currency will lose value over the next 50 years (assuming the dollar doesn't implode). Second, if I do not live long enough to use the $100,000 I put in, I have lost some percentage of that money. I would rather have it now to invest as I see fit, rather than hope I live long enough to spend the money I earn! There are those much smarter than me that have realized the Ponzi nature of the Social Security scam. What is the difference between Social Security and Bernie Madoff? Governmental versus private scams are still scams and yet Madoff is going to jail and the administrators of Social Security are not. Bob, it is time I had a way to get out of Social Security. Let me be a responsible adult and care for my family's financial security. I have no confidence in the Federal Government's abilities to administer social programs, and I despise being forced into under force or threat of force from the IRS. By the way, taking of property by force or threat of force is theft, illegal by law, and yet the Federal Government is allowed to do exactly that on many occasions. So, I implore you, fight the good fight and give me and my peers the ability to leave the Ponzi scheme having only lost a small portion of my lifetime wages. Eagerly looking forward to a form letter or email telling me you'll look into it without committing to anything useful! Sincerely, James Aimonetti PS - For your reference, in case you or your minions want to learn about the mess that is Social Security, read