I've had the pleasure of working on the technology that powers iliveinspired.com and know that the founders, Rob and Chris, are working their butts off to make this a great service. Armed with not much more than inspiration and determination, they are taking their service to the world by foot. Their first foray into marching marketing was to sign the Dalai Lama on as a content provider. Not only did the Dalai Lama receive them (read about their trip, starting here), but he embraced them and their message and agreed to work with the service. Now these two are on a mission to sign Oprah and are generating some press about it. Pick up the story from their blog here, and then read about some of the press they've gotten here, here, here, and here. This is a great service, there are lots of different themes to choose from, and it's a cheap service that can provide a lot of value. Why else would they offer the first 45 days free of charge? What's keeping you from living inspired today? Visit I Live Inspired and start receiving daily inspiration on your phone.