It has now been several months since the basketball season ended for my JV team. In that time I have reflected a lot on how the season went, how I performed as a coach, the ups, the downs, and the middles. I have a sheet of ideas that were written for the challenges I was facing during the season, but reading over them today, I find they are applicable to any sports scenario and thought I'd share them in a more public setting. Punctual: exact, precise, accurate, scientific, prompt, on time, well-timed, instantaneous, constant, steady, systematic, meticulous, detailed, instant, thorough, immediate, direct, precise in observing time, appointments, promises, duties. Patient: calm endurance of hardships, enduring or waiting without complaining (acknowledging what is right and waiting), perservering, diligent, single in purpose, persistent, even-tempered, peaceful, constant, poised, quiet, still calm, unflappable, submission to the divine will, composed, not impetuous, not discontented, expectant. Diligent: Constant, careful effort, perserveringm meticulous, steadfast. Keeping pace with highest purpose. Nothing is conclusive about a wrong picture. You are never safer than you are right now in Christian Science. Mortal mind would try to take you off-guard. Be alert to God's goodness. You are always in the court of Spirit. There's only one outcome - good. Every moment is the moment (staying in the now). Principle: The foundation from which an action or series of actions spring; a rule by which one directs one's life and actions. That from which a thing proceeds. Procedure: That which springs forth from fundamental principles; Exact in purpose. Skill: The familiar knowledge of any art or science, united with readiness and dexterity in execution or performance, or in the application of the art or science to practical purposes. Technique: A means or method of achieving one's purpose, especially skillfully. A manner of artistic exectution of relation to formal details. You are there to witness uninterrupted harmony.