I've had some lull time the last couple days and decided to put it to good use and put some new things on the site. What resulted from that hackery is the webcam image and the flickr images on the sidebar. So, the low down on what is occuring - the webcam image comes from my webcam, using a program called camorama, which then uploads the picture to my web server. Once your web browser has loaded the image, it checks back periodically with the web server to see if a new image has been uploaded. If so, it updates the image. On the administrative side, I have an AJAXed caption field that allows me to update the caption of the webcam pic, which will then be picked up by anyone with the site open the next time their browser looks for an updated image. It's nothing ground-breaking but I like it. The Flickr plugin (FAlbum) itself is really great. I added the little button to the right of the heading so that users can pull new random pictures. It goes back to the server and uses the plugin to pick another set of pictures. The animations of the images are provided by the scriptaculous javascript library. Again, there is nothing too ground-breaking about what has happened, but I like it and its my site, so there! Hehe…Seriously though, nothing here is static. Have an idea to improve something? Let me know in the comments. Or email. Or telepathy.