An utterly uninteresting and yet perplexing discussion occured the other day with a friend. She asked me what the plural of "cul-de-sac" is, to which I responded with the knee-jerk obvious "cul-de-sacs". Immediately realizing the odd nature of the question, and its origin from the proverbial left field, I began to rack my head for another possibility. Quick as lightning, spoiling my attempt at uncovering her trick, she responded, "Nope, its 'culs-de-sac'". Damn French… Upon further investigation the source of this woman's information turned out to be the highly reputable (said highly sarcastically) WB crud 'Gilmore Girls'. Not satisfied to let this kind of shoddy trivial fact finding rest, I employed the power of the Internets (all of them) and came to this conclusion: Damn, she was right! And although I found a site or two that backed my original answer, I feel as though this is a battle I can concede. Interesting side story: today, dy had a research day as well, where I learned that an ear of corn is a fruit, while cornmeal is a grain, and corn itself is a grass. Let's see if the bio major knows that!