What? Scalability is becoming a moot argument against LAMP? But what will the big wigs use to dismiss LAMP now? Alex Bunardzic makes some interesting arguments regarding the scalability issue that seems to blunt the point of attack for LAMP critics:

Whenever I give presentations on Ruby and Rails, the number one question invariably pops up from the audience: will it scale? At first, I was allowing myself to fall prey and to drop down into the detailed and quite meaningless discussion. But then I've changed the tactics, and began countering the question with: “Scale to what?” Amazingly, most people don't know the answer to that question. They just throw in abstract answers, like to thousands simultaneous requests, etc. But pretty much no one can supply a real life example that is more concrete than the yahoo or amazon or google. In other words, it seems that not too many people are working on the super busy web applications.

Also, do read the comments to the article. Other than a little ego in some of the posts, the discussion is quite lively and useful. A lot of good thinking going on, making the world a better, safer place.