Alert to non-geek readers: This post probably will not contain too much information that you will find interesting. You may want to check out the new Strongbad email instead. I have to say, I am loving lesscode. The posts there are quite perceptive and intruiging. One of the more recent posts talks about the evolution of Java, and how it is actually seeming to de-evolve from its original intentions. Knowing a couple developers who advocate Java as the end-all be-all language, I wonder how they would react to this post. The author seems to have a fairly knowledgable background:

My background: five years in scientific research (started in 1985 on complex systems modeling), followed by 15 years of software development. I've been through it all — FORTRAN, Pascal, C, Smalltalk, C++, VB, Java, ERP, J2EE, EAI, SOA, .NET, and finally (thankfully:-) Ruby and Rails.

It's an exciting time to be sure… UPDATE - Looking through the poster's (Alex) personal website, I am finding this guy to be very interesting. A little obsessive and perhaps overly analytical, but he certainly suggests some interesting ideas. In particular, and Gabe should agree with Alex here, is Alex's post on validation.