When it comes to color coordination, I am no Monet. I admit I am a guy when it comes to colors. I function with the basics - red, blue, green, purple, black, white, orange, etc… Honey Mustard yellow, spearmint green, charcoal black…these colors do not illict images containing the subtle variations in shade, hue, luminosity, and whatever other terms you can imagine to describe color. Perhaps saddest of all is that those colors listed previously all have real-world incarnations that I can directly reference – I just don't see the difference. The next problem that stems from lacking the ability (or caring to have the ability?) is that I have no idea which colors go with which. I remember complimentary colors from elementry arts and crafts which is great for 8 year olds, but when I am trying to design a website for a multinational corporation, knowing red and green go together will not encourage a healthy website look and feel. Fear not, my brethern who share this disposition! Help has arrived in the form of a nice, easy-to-use website that will automatically show you what colors go with what. You choose one color and it will generate five others that it thinks match! Very slick and useful, though the true test will be whether Gabe likes the generated colors. Artists! Sheesh, who cares about color, I just want to code!