I guess it is fair to say that this post is more tailored to the geeks in the limited audience…reading that statement I realize it that sub-audience is probably just me…hmm Okay, well, for the non-geek, have I got a book for you! Ever wondered about cryptography? No? Fair enough. For those not in the know, security is a hot button item in the technology world today. Encryption is vital to protect a company's intellectual investment, a bank's transactions, a customer's purchases, etc… In short, we are all touched by it, directly or indirectly. Now combine this fairly nerdy topic with a historical fiction thriller storyline set in World War II, and another story line set in the "present" day, and the result is a book that is painful to put down, even for a few moments. WIth something for everyone, from encryption to secret societies, romance to war, Cryptonomicon is not an ordinary book. The ability of Neal Stephenson to bring a complex topic like cryptography and make it palpable to average Joe, mixing it in with real characters, feasible plot lines, real technology, and plenty of humor, makes the reading experience truely enjoyable. I recommend this book to any and all. Go!