Lewis arrived at my house around 6:00 pm and we left for the dome. Our plan: Sell our tickets for a butt load of money and watch the game with a big group of fans outside the stadium. Unfortunately, we were a couple hours late for the big spenders. We did get a $408 offer but decided it would be a better decision to watch the game instead of taking a $92 hit for nothing. So in we went. Having seats in the 2nd furthest section of the stadium, we decided that the first level was a much more pleasurable vantage point. With that in mind, we cruised the aisleways, looking for open seats. Along the way, we met two nice couples who had some tremendous seats. In talking, we discovered the seats in front of them belonged to some diehard Louisville fans and they thought these fans probably would not show up for the game. Awesome, we now had seats in Row T, just off center court! Before we took our seats though, Vince Vaughn passed us by. Lewis, seeing him first, gave him a high-five and received Vince's hand in his and a wink. We brushed shoulders with Vince Vaughn! That was pretty sweet. Two minutes later, Tim Robbins passed by us too. At this point, the couples pointed out the booth that Michael Jordan, Dean Smith, Charles Barkley, and Carmelo Anthony, among others, were sitting in. So we took our seats in row T, hopeful, praying that no one whould show with tickets for those seats. Up until two minutes before gametime, we were okay. We had one scare, but apparently the guy was hard of seeing and thought Row T was O…go figure. Sadly, the duo was ousted when the four ticket holders showed up to claim their seats. Undaunted, we continued about the first level, stopping along the aisleways to watch the game before being ushered on by the staff. At half time, we found some seats behind the basket where we could see the entire court fairly well. While waiting for the second half to begin, I was perusing the fans walking around, looking for other celebrities. I almost did not recognize the first guy who passed by about four seats away from me - Jay Z. He and his humongous bodyguard, that is. We also saw Tony Banks, Tubby Smith, Hubie Brown, the Marquette coach, the UConn coach, Lil Wayne, and Ciara, among others. While Illinois didn't pull off the victory, I was very happy with how the game turned out. We had a great view the whole time, had fun with the fans, finding celebrities, and watching two talented basketball teams battle it out for a national championship. I am definitely putting in my reservation for the 2006 Final Four in Indy!