Scary Times

It is really no suprise that the 60's and 70's were like they were, culturally. When the bands look like this, you gotta do something to escape the horror. The music today may not be the greatest, but the artists do seem to have some style.

Waste Time and Get Smarter

In the spirit of all things AJAX, and in conjunction with the incessant desire to waste time, Chewing the Cud is pleased to bring you the harmonious intersection of time-wasting, mind-expanding games - Boggle in AJAX. What makes this one even cooler to me is that the backend is run by python, a language which I am familiarizing myself with as you read this! I like this site not only for bringing a fun game online so you can compete against plenty of people, but from a technical aspect as well. What can't AJAX bring us?

Your Voice Matters

We (I) here at want to know what people think about the posts. Therefore, a decree from the admin (me): Comments are on! Hopefully I am still small enough that spam in the comments will not be an issue. I would still like to encourage people to create an account on the site so I can know who exactly is saying what (just out of curioustiy, really). Also, I am curious about the magnetic poetry and want to know who is writing what poems. If you write a poem, leave a comment about it in the comments section. Cool.

Poetry In AJAX

Great stuff here…I have a refrigerator door on the site now, complete with Magnetic Poetry!!! The AJAX-ified app saves its state, so you can put some nice poetry or prose up on the fridge, and, barring another moving the tiles, it will be there when you return. Backtracking a bit, you read that correctly: others can modify the tiles' positions as well. Even better is that you can see other people moving tiles about while you are moving them too. Play nice, and look for more features coming soon to the fridge door.

Happy Anniversary PHP

Imagine life without PHP…gross. ASP and JSP would probably be really big, bigger than now at least. Wordpress would not exist in its present form. Could one argue that the web as we know it would not be as great? Sure, but I have no data to back that up. Anyway, I really enjoy developing in PHP and am glad that it exists. Happy 10th. Celebratory page here.

Got Time?

Hey you! Yeah, you! Got some extra time on your hands? Probably do if you are reading this. Get a clue man. Everyone who's anyone is wasting time playing Poom. Good luck getting unaddicted!

Beauty And The Geek

As geekdom winds down from the last few years of geek-related movies (Matrix, Star Wars, LOTR, etc…) it is hard to imagine what is going to fill our time now. What do we have to look forward to? The WB has the answer!!! Beauty and the Geek begins airing June 1st. It matches seven geeks with seven bombshells and tests which couple can grow the most in their relative weaknesses. The site provides a promo and a sneak peak video - I highly recommend you check this out and tune in on June 1st.

Dance Tips - Napolean Style

So, for those who cannot dance and actually want to learn, or for those who know how but want new moves, you pretty much have to check out this tutorial. It breaks down a dance clip into easily digestible sections, gives slow-motion shots if needed, and allows you to see moves executed to a variety of music. Put this all together and it won't be long before you own a club because you have choreographed dances moves that look hot when combined with the music being played. Flippin' Sweet!

Anakin Dynamite

Merge a classic trilogy with a new cult classic, and something extra-ordinary is created. That's right kiddies - Anakin Dynamite! I found this to be a pretty funny synthesis of the best parts from Napolean set in the world of Star Wars. Check it out!

Sand as Art

Growing up, nothing was more fun on the beach than building a castle. I did reach a point, however, where I realized that they were all the same and doomed to be reclaimed by the sea. It appears, though, that some people were not daunted by this futility and, much like Calvin and his snowmen, have displayed amazing creativity and ingenuity in sand sculpture. Exhibits A and B represent the destruction of my childhood compromise with myself that nothing substantial had ever been made from sand on a beach. I would be sad and disillusioned, but these are so cool…well, I can't be sad.