Using Erlang, Webmachine, CouchDB, Couchbeam, ErlyDTL

This page is serving as an index for my articles dealing with the usage of Erlang, Webmachine, CouchDB, Couchbeam, ErlyDTL, and others in building a web application that respects the hell out of HTTP and REST. The project is mostly to give me more experience using the aforementioned language, applications, and libraries but also hopefully will result in a profitable service. More details will appear here when the application goes public!

I’m writing this series with developers in mind, and as such, I’ll be neglecting the setup and configuration of the stack unless it is pertinent to the discussion. Otherwise, assume the default configurations and setups are being used.

  1. Introduction
  2. Dealing with CouchDB and Couchbeam
  3. Using WM/Couchbeam to build a session-handling module
  4. More to come…

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